Alexandra Secula

BA in Philology (Romanian and English), Faculty of Letters, University of Bucharest, 2022

Although I have majored in Romanian, throughout the three years provided by my undergraduate studies I have gravitated more towards British literature and the complex culture behind and beyond it. My BA thesis explored the different faces of John Fowles’s Sarah Woodruff as seen through numerous interpretations, including feminist theory, with a focus on film theory, and postmodernist approaches. Furthermore, a final part was dedicated to assessing whether the enigmatic character constructed by Fowles belongs to the modern-film (and, to an extent, commercial literature) stereotype of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

My academic interests have been encompassed in my graduation thesis: feminist theory, postmodernism, pop culture, but I am also interested in how these fields interact with one another in the context of cultural identity. Thus, the British Cultural Studies MA is the perfect continuation to the already defined path I have chosen in order to become a researcher – not only will it provide me with courses related to my main interests, but also with the necessary tools to dissect the meaning of culture and identity.