The courses offered by the MA in British Cultural Studies are structured into 3 modules, allowing students the liberty to opt for 6 out of 7 courses in the first 3 terms and 5 out of 6 in the final term, on the basis of their research interests. Moreover, each term students have the possibility of substituting either 1 or 2 of the BCS courses with a compatible course offered by other MA programmes of the University of Bucharest, as detailed below. The modules are:

Module 1: The History of Ideas and Cultural Representations
Module 2: Political Cultures and Cultural Identities
Module 3: Arts and Media

Below is the full list of courses offered by our MA programme, as well as details about the options that students have regarding course election and substitution:

Course structure for 2020-2022

Course structure for 2021-2023

Course structure for 2022-2024