Programme Requirements


Students will need to earn a minimum of 30 ECTS credit points per semester. Readings for each course generally amount, on average, to about 25 pages per week. Students will be expected to produce written papers and oral presentations for each course. Written work for a module is usually in the form of an assignment of around 2,000-2,500 words (approx. four-five pages), but some modules have different requirements: tutors will give precise details at the beginning of each module. Should an assignment be found unsatisfactory, the student will be given a chance to rewrite his or her paper or re-do his or her presentation. In addition to the above mentioned assignments, students will also write a dissertation of around 15,000 words (approx. thirty pages). Candidates who have written satisfactory assignments, done satisfactory presentations and successfully presented their dissertations will be awarded a degree of Master of Arts in British Cultural Studies.


BCS classes are held on weekdays between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

Students are expected to attend classes for at least 50% of the time each course is offered in order to be admitted to the final examination. In case attendance falls below 50%, the student will be admitted to a second (and, if the case may be, a third) examination, on condition she/he carries out a load of extra-work.


Depending on the module, most teaching approaches are student-centred, with an emphasis on student participation in class debates rather than on lectures. Students in some of the classes will be expected to work in groups and prepare presentations which they must deliver in class; this may entail using the research facilities available: CDs, DVDs, whiteboard, OHP (overhead projector). Most classes have several clearly defined activity stages and involve some or all of the following: brainstorming and inductive approach to the topic in hand; tutor input; group discussion and research tasks; student presentations. In addition, reading and/or research tasks are set on a weekly basis and are considered to be a compulsory course component. There may be occasional student-led seminars on topics chosen by the course participants.