BCS Research Seminar

The BCS Research Seminar is a new series of events where BCS faculty (and collaborators) share their research and work-in-progress. The seminar is held at the British Cultural Studies Centre on Wednesdays, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. Presentations should aim for 40 to 50 minutes followed by 30-minute Q&A sessions. Please find the schedule below.

First Term Schedule (2022/2023)

26 OctoberSorana Corneanu
Writing the History of Early Modern Logic
9 NovemberSabina Draga
Western Colonialism and Climate Change in Amitav Ghosh’s Work
7 DecemberAlina Bottez
The Avatars of the Oedipal Myth in Modern Culture
21 December
Alexandra Bacalu

Early Modern Articulations of the Government of Thoughts and Imagination(s)
18 January
Bogdan Ștefănescu

The Triangulation of Peripheric Cultural Identities in 20th-Century Transcolonialism