Become a Teacher of English

The British Cultural Studies MA is an excellent programme for future teachers of English. Our programme offers students comprehensive knowledge of approaches to literature in cultural contexts, which counts as a significant advantage in the exams that candidates for teaching positions have to take. One third of both tenure exams (examen de titularizare + definitivat), as well as the additional examinations for teaching positions in bilingual high schools and advanced didactic qualifications (gradele didactice), test the candidate’s knowledge in English literary studies.

Our students also obtain a good knowledge of narratives across multiple media, including here film, comics, TV series, adaptations, and video games. This training can be useful for MA graduates who want to teach in private schools whose diverse optional curricula require an understanding of storytelling across multiple platforms and demand innovative ways of teaching literature.  

During the four semesters comprising the programme, the mandatory bibliographies and writing assignments will also help students bring their English to a level of excellency. By means of our student-centred activities, we train our students to be confident public speakers, good planners, and efficient resource managers, skills which are all essential for a teacher.

Finally, BCS students can enrol with the optional pedagogical module offered by the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences. By registering with this optional module, which is mandatory for high school teachers, our MA students can complete the didactic training begun as undergraduates.

But wait, there’s more. After becoming an entry-level teacher, it’s highly recommendable that you move up to the highest qualification (grad didactic 1). In order to bypass the three sets of examination required to achieve this, you can get a PhD and receive the highest qualification after only one inspection. Learn more about how the British Cultural Studies MA programme can get you into a doctoral school by visiting our page on how to become a university professor.

Many of our alumni are now teachers at some of the most prestigious high schools in the country. See the testimonials of our former students to learn more.