Become a University Professor

If you envisage your career researching social and cultural phenomena, training young adults to become independent and civically-minded critical thinkers, writing scientific papers, and organising scientific events, then university professor in the Humanities is the career for you and the British Cultural Studies MA programme can help you get there.

Becoming a university professor may seem a daunting challenge, but it is really not so hard if you consider that Bucharest is home to more than 30 universities, each with its own number of faculties. Some of these faculties are further split into different departments and they all need lecturers in English. Not to mention that there is no reason you shouldn’t apply for a position abroad, as many of our alumni have.

The first thing you have to do in order to become a university professor is get a PhD. This, of course, means that after graduating from an MA programme you will have to register with a doctoral school. Being admitted to a doctoral school usually implies defending a research proposal on a topic of your own choice during a brief interview and, in some cases, also taking a written exam. Once you’re in, you officially become a PhD student and this allows you to apply for assistant lecturer positions basically anywhere.

At this level, sophistication and a complex use of theory are key, but fear not, the British Cultural Studies MA programme is the perfect place for you to learn critical theory, intellectual and cultural history, improve your academic writing, and pursue your own research interests. Our courses are up-to-date with the most recent developments in their respective fields, but are also careful not to skip older important contributions. Our faculty members are international experts in their fields and some of them are also doctoral supervisors. The possibility to choose the optional courses most suited to your needs and the flexibility of the requirements mean that you can systematically follow your own academic goals while also meeting your instructors’ expectations.

The British Cultural Studies MA boasts with its many alumni who now hold teaching and research positions at universities around the world, from China to the United States. See their testimonials to learn more.