Dr Dragoş Ivana

Associate Professor of English
BA, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Letters, 2000
MA, University of Bucharest, MA in British Cultural Studies, 2002
PhD in Humanistic Studies, University of Bucharest, 2012 (summa cum laude)
Office hours: Monday (4-6pm)


Urban History: London, from City to Post-metropolis


Dragoş Ivana is an Associate Professor of English at the University of Bucharest. His main research interests are British literature, the early American novel, comparative literature, Cervantes studies, critical theory, and city studies. He is treasurer of the Romanian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. One of Ivana’s books titled Embattled Reason, Principled Sentiment and Political Radicalism: Quixotism in English Novels, 1742-1801was published by Brill publishing house in 2015. He was the recipient of several doctoral and postdoctoral research scholarships at the University of Kent, the Bodleian Library, the British Library, Chawton House Library, and Vanderbilt University and was also a member in four projects funded by UEFISCDI. Ivana has published extensively on the reception of Cervantes in the eighteenth-century English novel and novel theory. In 2018 he was appointed Fulbright Ambassador of the University of Bucharest. His current projects focus on representations of quixotism in the early American novel, the Jacobin and anti-Jacobin novel, and representations of London in English literature, respectively.


BOOKS (single- and co-authored)

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  • Behind “the Great Tradition”: Popular Culture in Eighteenth-Century England, Editura Ars Docendi, Bucureşti, 2017, 182 p., ISBN 978-973-558-991-2.
  • Mihaela Zamfirescu, Dragoş Ivana, Enhancing Grammar and Translation Practice. A Handbook for Freshmen in Translation Studies, volume I, Bucharest: Ars Docendi, 2020, 264 pp., ISBN 978-606-998-115-3.


“Jane Austen şi tradiţia literară augustană”, în Jane Austen: glose,înţelesuri, interpretări, coord. Mihaela Mudure, Editura Casa Cărţii de Ştiinţă, Cluj-Napoca, 2019, pp. 9-18, ISBN: 978-606-17-1175-8.

ARTICLES (selective)

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