Dr. Ioana Zirra

Associate Professor of English
BA, University of Bucharest, 1981
MA in British Cultural Studies, University of Warwick, UK, 1993
PhD, University of Bucharest, 2005
Office hours: by appointment via skype


Cultural anthropology

National Identities in the British Isles II: Ireland

Celtic Cultural Memory (co-taught with Dr James Brown)


Ioana Zirra has been teaching since 1991 at the University of Bucharest, British Civilization, British and American modernism, Victorian literature (especially the dramatic monologues of Robert Browning), Irish cultural identity and literature, W.B. Yeats, the Belfast poets (especially Seamus Heaney), and, since 2014, James Joyce’s Ulysses. Her research interests also include the rhetoric of the essay, modernity theory, theory of literature, cultural identity. Together with Professors Eve Patten (currently at Trinity College Dublin), Mihaela Anghelescu-Irimia, and Daniela Davidescu-Brown, she was connected to the beginnings of the British Cultural Studies MA programme at the University of Bucharest, in 1994-5, further to the MA scholarship in Cultural Studies provided, in 1993, by the University of Warwick for 10 Romanian academics. Her interest in Irish Studies and literature is due to attending the 1991 international IASAIL Conference in Utrecht and, especially, the one semester research scholarship jointly granted by the British Council, Belfast and the Institute of Irish Studies, the Queen’s University, Belfast, 1995, which was pursued in 1996, at the same venue, as part of collective international Irish Studies Programme. In addition to producing handbooks for the various subjects taught and editing the proceedings of the Annual International Conference of the English Department, University of Bucharest  (as a member of whose organizing committee she was between 2004-2018). Ioana Zirra served as a peer reviewer with the ELALT5 Novi Sad, between 2013-2015. And between 2008-9, she was a member of the CNCSIS type A grant titled ODISEI, Omogenitate, diversitate, identitate – Spaţiu european şi integrare


Books and edited volumes

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Journal articles and book chapters

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