Dr Sorana Corneanu

Associate Professor of English
BA, University of Bucharest, 1997
MA, University of Bucharest, 1998
PhD, University of Bucharest, 2008

Habilitation, University of Bucharest, 2022
Office hours: by appointment


Perspectives on Modernity I: Transactions of Intellectual History

Cultural Genealogies II: The Epistemic Virtues and Vices

Perspectives on Modernity II: Models of Cultural History


Sorana Corneanu has been teaching eighteenth-century British literature and early modern intellectual history at the University of Bucharest since 1999. Her research interests include the intersections of literature and science, and of science and ethics in the early modern period, the early modern history of the imagination, and the changing fortunes of logic from the seventeenth to the eighteenth centuries. She was the recipient of two doctoral research scholarships at Oxford (2005-6) and New Europe College, Bucharest (2006-7), and was post-doctoral research fellow of the Huntington Library, San Marino, CA (Oct. 2011) and of CHED, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia (July-Oct. 2012). She was a member of the ERC Starting Grant Medicine of the Mind and the Reconfiguration of Natural Philosophy: A New Interpretation of Francis Bacon (PI: Guido Giglioni) (2009-2014), and principal investigator of the UEFISCDI research grant An Intellectual History of the Imagination: Bridging Literature, Philosophy and Science in Early Modern and Enlightenment England (2015-2017). She is currently principal investigator of the UEFISCDI grant The Art of Thinking in the Enlightenment: An Interdisciplinary Reappraisal (2022-2024).


Books and edited volumes

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  • (In)hospitable Translations : Fidelities, Betrayals, Rewritings, ed. Madalina Nicolaescu and Sorana Corneanu, Bucureşti: Editura Universităţii din Bucureşti, 2010

Journal articles and book chapters

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