Elena Mincu

BA in Philology (Romanian and English), Faculty of Letters, University of Bucharest, 2020


I started thinking about this MA as a viable option by the end of my second year at the Faculty of Letters. I have always been interested in the psychological, social and cultural aspects of societies and communities, as well as the mysteries and wonders of human nature and, therefore, this MA programme weaves all of my favourite subjects perfectly which has led me to believe that it will indeed deepen my knowledge and help me in my academic growth.

Although I have more experience with art, specifically the creation of art, I wanted to focus my attention on something other than what I am naturally capable of accomplishing without any professional training or academic background. I have a lot of interests and I do not guarantee that I will mainly tackle these, if at all, but I am very passionate about the evolution of popular culture and its effects, the construction of human identities and cultural myths reinforced through the latter, the idea of the monster as an alter identity of human beings, be it in fiction or films, and the psychological facets of human development.