Dr. James Christian Brown

Assistant Professor of English
MA, University of Edinburgh, 1984
PhD, University of Bucharest, 2007
Office hours: by appointment


National Identities in the British Isles I: British Identity since 1603

Celtic Cultural Memory (jointly with Dr Ioana Zirra)


James Christian Brown has been teaching in the English Department of the University of Bucharest since 1998. In addition to his involvement in the British Cultural Studies programme, his teaching activity includes undergraduate courses on British history and Anglo-Scottish ballads together with courses and practical workshops on translation at masters level. He is the translator of a number of literary, historical, and philosophical works from Romanian into English. He obtained his doctorate in History from the University of Bucharest in 2007 with a thesis on the representation of the Romanian lands by nineteenth-century British travellers.


Journal articles and book chapters

  • “‘The Church… I suppose it really is out to stop war’: Christianity and Peace Activism in Rose Macaulay’s Non-Combatants and Others (1916)”, in The Literary Avatars of Christian Sacramentality, Theology and Practical Life in Recent Modernity,ed. Ioana Zirra and Madeline Potter, Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2016, 133-142.
  • “Impressions of Romanian Religion and Morality in Some Nineteenth-Century Travellers’ Accounts of the Danubian Principalities”, in Language and Literature – European Landmarks of Identity XV (2014): 17-24.
  • “Early Nineteenth-Century Scottish Ballad Collectors and the Oral Tradition: Seeking Durability and Acknowledging Transience”, University of Bucharest Review: A Journal of Literary and Cultural Studies XI:2 (2009): 20-25.
  • “From Trajan’s Visiting Card to Iliana’s Nose: 19th Century British Travellers and the Memory of Rome in the Romanian Lands”, University of Bucharest Review: A Journal of Literary and Cultural Studies V:3 (2003): 174-184.