Miruna Achim

BA in Philology (Russian and French), Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures,
University of Bucharest, 2022


From an early age I felt attracted to learning languages, interacting with multiple cultures in literature and real life, and being part of contexts that challenged my perception of the world surrounding me. After a bilingual Romanian-French secondary education, it only felt natural to enrol in the programmes offered by the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, to build bridges and deepen my connection to foreign cultures. Complementary to my studies, I volunteered for the faculty’s student association as well as for international cultural events in Bucharest, travelled with a youth programme to the different provinces of China to teach English to children, and I am currently an English teacher. I am confident that the BCS programme will equip me with new interdisciplinary tools, knowledge, and the ability to critically reflect on the status quo. My research interests include history, myths and national identities in the British Isles.