Tamara Stermin

BA in Philology (English and German), Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Bucharest, 2022


How to describe the field of cultural studies? This question troubles many students in our MA programme, but we are not alone: world-renowned researchers in this field have yet to reach a consensus. As a future researcher (hopefully), my take-away from their debates is that the vast field of cultural studies essentially allows researchers to analyse culture on their own terms. Personally, I am interested in what is sometimes termed ‘the critical project of cultural studies’: I am interested in challenging the status quo, in discovering the erroneous ideological grounds of certain assumptions prevailing in our society and reflected by our culture, and in pressing for change when good arguments support my claim. I am aware of how ambitious my goals might seem, but I have confidence that this MA programme will bring me closer to their realization.