Veronica Lungu

BA in Philology (English and French), Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Bucharest, 2022

BA in Journalism, Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences, University of Bucharest, 2021

From the enchantment I was struck with at my first encounter with English literature, in the first semester while studying the Shakespearian oeuvre, to the paradoxes and polemic issues of the Modernity encountered in the last year, I have always felt the need to understand and research the issues discussed during the classes we had in the three years of studies.  

Being fascinated by the British culture and literature, I wanted to go further in exploring everything that is connected to these areas of study, as well as to be able to have a more complex, historical, political or ideological approach. As an avid reader, passionate about writing, I am looking forward to discovering a new world of ideas and making my way through this labyrinth by trying to bring my contribution.