Why BCS?

Because it’s smart, it’s stimulating, and it’s upbeat.

Because we will prepare you to understand and function in an otherwise confusing multicultural, global environment no matter what career you choose. Like so many graduates before you, you will find our training helpful whether you decide to teach or to continue your education at PhD level, whether you plan to work in a multinational corporation or find a job as a cultural mediator, whether you aim to become a translator/interpreter or take up cultural diplomacy, whether you fancy working in the publishing business, in the media, in advertising, or in organizing international events. And that’s just naming a few.

Because our BCS programme will hand you a set of adaptable, interdisciplinary tools to study the trans/formation of cultural identities, institutions and practices. Our critical toolkit includes analytical concepts provided by cultural anthropology, imagology, translation studies, cultural and intellectual history, nationalism studies, urban studies, postcolonial and postcommunist studies, feminism, the history of science, religion and the arts, and the study of national identities in the British Isles. 

Because, although we look mainly at the current context and the traditions of British life, we also take a comparative perspective that allows insights into the Romanian, European and American cultures.

Because our programme combines the features of both taught and research degrees so you can have the best of both worlds.

Because it is welcoming to students with a good command of English holding a Bachelor’s Degree from any branch of the humanities or the social sciences (although we are willing to consider degrees from other disciplines on an individual basis).

Because we have the best quality certificate there is: loads of success stories from our graduates.

Because we have a flexible and open structure with elective/optional courses and credits you can acquire from other MA programmes offered by partner faculties at our university.

Because our classes are multidisciplinary and each year we invite professors from other faculties to teach in our programme.

Because we organize extracurricular events that will keep you in sync with today’s culture.

Because we offer internship opportunities in top cultural organizations.

Because we provide you with the exciting chance to explore and reflect on fascinating topics in pleasant and supportive company.

Because—in a word—it would simply be silly not to.